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Avraham Aldema

The First Adloyada in Tel Aviv

The idea of an Adloyada procession, Hebrew: עדלאידע, lit. "Until one can no longer tell the difference between cursed be Haman and blessed be Mordechai” as wise men described the joy of Purim, belonged to Avraham Aldema, the art teacher at Gymnasia Herzliya (historic high school in Tel Aviv). Aldema told: In 1912 I held the first Adloyada. At first we just called it a procession. I arranged all of the Herzliya students in columns of three, at the head of which a student rode a white horse, dressed up as Mordechai. Another student, dressed up as Haman, lead the horse by its halter. Queen Esther too was led in the procession, dressed in splendorous clothing, as well as portly Achashverosh and other figures of the Book of Esther, all dressed in the appropriate traditional Purim costumes. 


Since all of Tel Aviv at that time was little more than just one street, determining the procession route was not very difficult. Hence, we began to march from the Gymnasia along Herzl St, until its end (about near the loan and savings bank, a distance of only about 350 meters). We walked and sang the whole way, with the residents of Tel Aviv, then no more than just a neighborhood, applauding for us. We walked the entire length of Herzl St and then back to the Gymnasia. When we returned, Dizengoff approached me, patted me on the shoulder and said: Aldema, you did a great thing; I want you to conduct processions like that every year.

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