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The Chassidic Appetite – Chassidic Humor

A hungry guest was invited for the Purim feast at the home of a somewhat miserly host.
When a dish filled with hamentashen was served, the guest took one and said:
I am taking one for the sake of the Almighty, one in heaven and on earth.
He took another two and declared:
I take two for the sake of Moses and Aaron.
He then took three, and announced:
I take three, for the three fathers.
He took four more and said festively:
I now take for the three mothers.
After he took a fifth, for the Five Books of Moses, the host rose abruptly and told his wife:
Quickly remove the dish from the table; I fear he will soon take for the six hundred thousand who made the Exodus from Egypt...


What drinks is one obligated to drink on Purim?
Rabbi Drunkard says:  schnapps, since its gematria means Haman the wicked! Rabbi Workaholic argues: This number is mistaken. The gematria of Haman the wicked is 670, whereas schnapps is only 650.
Rabbi Drunkard scolded him: what’s the problem? Just drink another 20 glasses and complete the minyan!

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