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Independence Day

Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Tel Hai


The 'dead of the wilderness' have not died, and also their burial place is known. Between Tel Hai and Kfar Giladi six of that seed were buried! Male and female Jews by divine grace. And we stand in astonishment beholding the vision, predicting from its silence: Here are men, who have not known retreat, here are young women faithful to death. There are still others like these in Israel. They are not alone, since the entire land from Metula to the Sinai Desert is scattered with such bones. And what is the difference between those killed and wounded, to those who have not yet happened to be hit by a bullet? The same spirit inspired them all, the same song of rebellion of the ancient generation rang in everyone's ears: "Here we are and we shall ascend." The head bent in grief stands up to this silent instruction. Israel is not yet a widower, nor an orphan, nor barren.

Both dew and rain fall on you, Upper Galilee, Tel Hai and Kfar Giladi, Hamra and Metula! It's alright, you were, you will be.

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