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Yitzhak Michaeli

Shavuot in Ein Harod 1928

from My Satchel, pp. 89-91

At one o’clock in the afternoon, Ein Harod will deploy on its wagons at the head of the procession, with the first fruit farmers leading, followed by the field crop growers and farm managers at the forefront... Kibbutz Geva leads, followed by Kfar Yehezkel and Ein Harod at the rear. At the quarry they will meet with Tel Yosef and Beit Alfa... On the way to the granary, by the hill, they will all pass through a decorated grand gateway... after the knight, young men and women will march together in colorful attire, the girls with jugs on their shoulders and flowers in their hair; the boys carrying a huge bunch of grapes on a staff...


And here the sound of the trumpet declares the ceremony for the bringing of the first fruits. First the children's choir, accompanied by violins, immediately followed by delegations from the settlements. And then, suddenly, someone will declare and describe in detail the gifts of the first fruits and those who sent them... The moderator will then declare the redemption of the first fruits, dedicated to the Keren Hakayemet.

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