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Abraham Isaac Green

Shabbat is a Covenant with the Entire G-dly Creation

Seek My Face Call My Name, p. 51

We are aware of the fact that a new story of creation shows up nowadays, one that begins with material and proceeds through the origins of plants, the different shapes of animals up until man...

Yet, we, the Jews, who bear the ancient story of creation (...) have a big interest in the new story. We are interested in the fact that its final conclusion would be the acknowledgement of the existence of harmony, that leads mankind to the awareness of the unity stemmed in the foundation of their existence, that brings people to yearn for peace and to negate justification for endless battle. We hope that we would be able to preserve the power of our ancient story that gave every creature its respect as a creation of the Holy-One-Blessed-be-He, who instilled in us, human beings, a special feeling of responsibility and custodianship over the world. The beauty, that he endowed on the day of Shabbat, implied the significance of our covenant with the entire creation of G-d.

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