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Recommendation from Breslov – On Joy

Abridged Likutey Moharan

In one of his sayings, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov expresses his opinion that joy serves man as an instrument in times of “many troubles”, in which even “bantering” shall be considered an acceptable means.

Moderation and peace of mind are achieved mainly through joy, because joy enables a man to control his thoughts, put his mind to rest and consider his eternal purpose.

One should strengthen oneself in order to be joyful in everything he does, and always strive to find a good side in himself, in order to become joyful... In addition, one should also now and then use jokes to make himself joyful. With all of man’s troubles, such that every man suffers whether in body, in spirit or financially, people are usually incapable of cheering themselves; hence, the need for jokes in order to become joyful.

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