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29th November

Muki Tzur

Radio Receivers on November 29

Speaks of November 29, 1947 at Kibbutz Ein Gev

“I have warm memories of that night as a Jerusalemite climbing up onto British armored vehicles, and British soldiers who gave us candy because they understood our elation. I even fondly remember the first gunshots that rang out in Jerusalem. It’s a day whose memory will never wane, but what I want to share with you is about some members of Kibbutz Ein Gev who somehow procured seven radio receivers without permission or approval of the Kibbutz. The Kibbutz decided that these members had no right to challenge the kibbutz equality system and demanded they store the receivers under their beds and refrain from using them. The kibbutz was very strict in its demands. But on November 29, no one could withstand the temptation or bear the suspense and all the receivers surfaced again. I’m not sure whether they came out just for one night or were silently approved from then on. Even if November 29 did not lead to a lifting of the ban, it did become the precedent for future deviation from kibbutz norms.”

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