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Rosh Hashana

Migration of birds

In the animal world, Rosh Hashana is most evident among the birds: here great changes take place. On their way to Africa, migratory birds pass above us, alone or in packs; While small birds, like the wheatear, come one by one, the stork pass through in packs of hundreds and thousands. During these days, we are given the opportunity to watch the birds, which are seen in the country only a few days a year - during this season and during spring.

The stable birds also have "Rosh Hashanah". They had just finished all their incubations, including the second and third, and had been released from raising fledglings and chicks. The summering birds have also completed the incubation and are now leaving southward with their adult fledglings, to Africa. As for the wintering birds, these will begin arriving at our country immediately after Rosh Hashanah. In short: a large part of our bird-world is changing.

Many of the agricultural branches - plantations and cotton, vegetables, cultivated fields and more - are now in the process of concluding the passing year and preparing the fields for the coming year. 

We see, then, that Rosh Hashanah takes place on a date that is suitable for all that is in the land, including us, human beings. For us, this is the time to say goodbye to the heat of summer and awaken to the New Year.

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