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"And you shall declare Shabbat - a delight – this is candle lighting on Shabbat' / Medrash Ganzi Schechter, Part 1, 6


Another interpretation, "And the Lord Blessed" - since there is no other item that sanctifies and elevates the Shabbat more than candle lighting. And for what reason? Since throughout the week, a person lights a candle and adds oil four and five times yet it goes out, but on Friday nights, he kindles it when it is still daytime, and then goes to the synagogue and returns and eats and drinks and sets his bed and it is still burning. Thereupon it is written, "and he sanctified it", in which way did he sanctify it? With candle lighting just before Shabbat.

..." And my soul is far removed from peace" (Lamentations 3, 17) – Rabbi Abahu said: this is candle lighting for Shabbat" (Tanchuma 80:11)

"Rabbi Eliezer said: And the Lord blessed the seventh day" – He blessed it with candles.  (Bereishit Raba 80:11)

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