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Pinchas Sadeh

Lord! Give me the Shabbat

Life as a Parable

Lord (says the soul), out of nothingness and nihility have you created me. On the first day you gave me light so that I see myself, and you distinguished between the darkness and the light in me.

On the second day you created my blue skies and my yearnings.


On the third day you created my earth and the beautiful flowers of my love.


On the fourth day you created the faraway stars, in which, lonely but not loving (since there is nothing that loves when I am in you) I prevail.


On the fifth day you created the monsters and the strange fish of my dreams.


On the sixth day you formed (with painful blows) my image as that of a man's soul and you placed me alone and naked before you.


Now the sixth day is about to end. The night is descending. Now then the time as come that you grant the day of Shabbat, Lord! Give me the Shabbat. Please give me, my Father in Heaven, the Shabbat of  Shabbats.

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