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Lighting the festival candles

Kibbutz Yagur

First candle - is the light of the Maccabees
In honour of the few against the many
In honour of the miracles, and all the heroisms
In honour of the flame and the fire of the bonfires
This is the light carried in the torch race
From the fields of Modiin to the days of the future


Second candle - is the light of the first settlers
In honour of the pioneers who made the gardens grow
Sowed with a tear and harvested the fields
Put down roots and planted foundations
It is a light that proceeds as a pillar of mist
Leading the way, its knows where to go


Third candle - is the light of our children
In honour of the generation growing up before our eyes
In honour of those continuing the fathers’ ways
Carrying in their hearts dreams and hopes
This is a light that gives faith to fulfil
An old legend with new strengths


Fourth candle - is the light of the immigrants
In honour of those overcoming many obstacles
In honour of gateways and open arms
Of the melting pot from all four corners of the earth
This is a light that comes from the edges of the Diaspora
Parallel to and promising the face of tomorrow

Fifth candle - is the light of creativity
In honour of the sculptor and the poet
In honour of the songwriter, the dance artist
In honour of those picking up the paintbrush
This is a light that colours the faces of time
With a beautiful arc of notes and hues


Sixth candle - is the light of home
Of the beauty of the place built by hand
In honour of belonging and holding close to hearts
And of sitting together boys and girls
This is a light that takes you and me
together, into a genuine circle


Seventh candle - is the light of man’s liberty
In honour of his conscience the voice of which has not ceased
In honour of the right to freedom to know, to think
To choose, to understand, to be, to love
This is a light that ensures that we will never cease to exist
The sand, the sea and the prayer of man


Eighth candle - this is the light of peace
The light that will emerge from the dream
In honour of the doves on the turrets of the wall
In honour of the songs after the war
This is a light that lights for us night and day
How much do we yearn for, the awaited peace

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