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Joseph Honors the Shabbat

The Book of Aggadah – Bavli Shabbat, 119-1

Joseph who honored Shabbat, lived in the same neighborhood as an affluent gentile. Astrologers told the gentile, "All of your possessions shall be handed over to Joseph who honors Shabbat". So he sold all of his possessions and for their worth, bought a single precious diamond and concealed it in one of his hats. When he passed through a bridge, the wind blew his hat off and into the sea, where it was swallowed by a fish. The fish was caught and brought to the market just before the Shabbat. "Who would buy the fish at this hour"? asked the dealers.

Others replied to them:

"Go and offer it to Joseph who honors Shabbat, who would always purchase anything in the honor of Shabbat."

So they brought the fish to him and he accepted it readily. He opened it and found a diamond. He sold it for thirteen thousand golden diners.

An old man met him and said:

"Whoever lends to Shabbat – Shabbat reimburses him".

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