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Tel Hai

Samuel Yehudai

Is all this Worthwhile?

From Journal, Purim, 14th of Adar 5680:

The recent events made their mark on almost of all of our settlements... Purim has turned into a day of mourning this year when we heard about the terrible tragedy that took place in Tel Hai. On this historical spot, already saturated with blood of the best of our youth, about 200 Bedouins launched an attack and battled the local defenders. And this resulted in six casualties. Joseph Trumpeldor and dear Monter died the death of heroes. This is the good soul, the symbol and good nature with dedication to society. Loved by all yet torn to pieces by the bomb. It’s been over 24 hours yet I cannot free myself from his smiling gaze, and under no circumstances could I imagine him likened to a collection of pieces. How cruel it is of fate to always chose the most efficient people as sacrifices. And it is no wonder, since it's always these who forfeit their lives more than others and turn out to be the first victims. Actually, this is a heroes' death we have no comparison to, ever since the days of Bar Kochva. And perhaps this is also national pride as everyone claims, yet in any case, the bitter and painful question arises – is it worthwhile for the 'imaginary honor' borrowed from chronicles of murder and world wars to lose even one soul of... such that could have been active and benefit others when - alive, ending up smashed and dispersed "like dung on the surface of the earth". Is all this worth it's while?

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