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In our generation, we are the Maccabees

Text read at the Chanukah party of the Jewish Defence League in the Second World War - the Brigade

Since the Maccabees picked up the Israeli sword of protection, two thousand three hundred years ago, to protect the homeland, freedom and the way of life of Israel - the glorified self-defence of the heroism of the people has not ceased.
In various aspects Israeli heroism has been discovered.

By the people settling on our land and the enemy coming to his home with a sword and spear we knew how to bear sword against sword and spear against spear and many hundreds of the enemy’s spears were broken by our spears.

And contrary to the might of the Roman Empire against the sword of Israel, the non-surrender of the spirit of Israel overcame it and the huge empire shattered.
When the people were forced to leave their homeland, they knew how to carry the homeland with them, in the heart of everyone from Israel and every individual would protect it with his body and soul until we returned to it, at this time.

With the same heroism with which we knew how to bear the sword and spear, with the same heroism with which we knew how to pass through fire to save the spirit of Israel, our spiritual homeland, with that same heroism we knew how to again hold the spade and the thresher and return life to the ruined homeland. And we, the first generation of the redemption, know and will know, how to hold the sword which the sword of the enemy shall shatter. Few against many they were, the Maccabees, few against many our fathers stood in all the generations to protect Israel and we were able to do so. And wearing ephods with this eternal heroism of a people aspiring to freedom, intransigent and without surrender, we will also know now how to stand a few against many and we will arise and we will overcome.

There is one heroism in all the generations. It has not ceased and it shall not cease. It has been beating in our hearts since the Maccabees and until today. Each generation and its heroes, each generation and its Maccabees, in our generation - we are the Maccabees.

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