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Rosh Hashana

God's tefillin

Many have learned how the holy Rabbi of Berdichev once in his good praises for our fellow sons of Israel, as is his custom, said: "Master of the Universe, you must forgive the sins of Israel.; and if you bear their sins - then it is good; and if not, God forbid, - I will tell a secret that you are walking, as it were, with invalid tefillin, God forbid.

“How do you know that God puts on Tefilin: as said: "The Lord swears in his right arm and in his mighty arm”; and what is written in the tefillin? “'And as for your people, Israel is one nation in the land' and if you do not forgive their sins, god forbid, they will not be called ‘one nation’, and therefore, you put on tefillin that are invalid, as it were.”

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