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Kibbutz Re’im

For the farmers among us (if such still exist)


Groves: We have currently succeeded in grafting a new species in the grove. We have grafted eucalyptus on banana, resulting in a tree bearing jam-filled hamentashen. My efforts to obtain hamentashen with poppyseed filling (which most of our team members prefer) have yet to prove successful, but we’re still trying...

In the field crops, in wake of a drought, after a respite of several years, we have decided on changes in the committee. Instead of planting, waiting for the rains and the resulting crop of grain, we decided not to plant. Instead, we scattered poisoned seeds that increase the mouse population. Scattering the seeds was done in such a way that the mice scattered in the fields develop more quickly, and upon reaching a weight of 385 grams at the age of 27 days they concentrate in certain places in the field. Before the seeds are scattered, they are dipped in special reproduction-promoting hormones.

In the metalworking shop, we are now building a sorting station for the concentration points. Its job is to catch all the mice and test their fitness, and if proven fit to pack them in a new plastic package, 20 per cardboard box. They are then sent to the slaughterhouse and to market as a ready-made product.

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