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May 1st

Yigal Alon

The Gains & Prestige of the Broker

Connected Vessels, 1978

For as long as the gains and the prestige of the broker and the moneylender are many times higher than the wage of a skilled production worker, and for as long as one invests his money is financing businesses and financial speculations his income is safe and higher than those of the public and private entrepreneur, investing his capital and his entrepreneurship in industry, agriculture and tourism – there is no and there shall not be any possibility of creating a basis and the recovery of society and thereby to overcome the sacred disparity and the “free” game of power which instigates capitalism, accompanied by galloping inflation, stagnation of economic growth and increase of the deficit in the balance of payments. These have fatally harmed and are harming not only the standard of material sustenance, the prestige of the working individual and the respect of work, but rather also parts of the producing constructivists of the private initiative.

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