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Study and Theory/

Miriam Perry

Fixed reading sections / Egypt

Metzuba: discussion: Michal Ganz, Yankele, Dina Gold

Each participant had fixed reading sections. Miriam remembers one of those sections which she implemented often over the years:


Where are you coming from?
From Egypt


And where are you going?
To Jerusalem


The Afikoman was searched for by the young boys and girls who had reached marriageable age and the one who found it was told that he would marry in that same year.....There were no kneidelach and the matza were found and baked by rural Jews from the area.


Sometimes the festival of Passover fell at the same time as the Egyptian festival Sham Ennessim [“to smell the spring] – the spring festival.  People would go out to the large parks and welcome the spring by eating and drinking in the outdoors. The Jews were differentiated from the Arabs however they treated them very well, and were actually pleasant and friendly people. As believers they acted with great respect to the Jewish festivals.

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