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Eli Alon

Discussion on Blessing over the Candles

Ein Shemer / 5739 (1979)

We are free people here, in a corner of our beautiful Israel and we are not commanded by G-d or by man to light candles. Out of our own free will do we light you, Shabbat candles. From the depth of our souls, from weekdays filled with creativity and actions – you arouse in us the sanctity of the day of rest.

We watch you and feel ourselves as part of a hundred generations of a separated and pursued nation, which is our nation.

The tears of a Jewish mother sparkle to us from within your flames.

Your pure illumination glowing to us from its halo like two stars in the darkness of the world implant in our souls hope for the beautiful, faith in goodness, in light, which shall ultimately overcome the darkness.

We sit here in unity, a community of believers with no religion nor Lord – we sit here across your light, longing for light, praying for light and vowing to kindle this pure light in our hearts and our homes, and to carry it within our souls wherever we go.

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