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Rosh Hashana

Blessings from children

Kibbutz Sa’ar

  • That every person will have the right to when to live and when to die.

  • That it would be possible to resurrect after death.

  • That animals will also be given the opportunity to return to life.

  • That criminals will not be granted this right.

  • Let there be no poverty and wealth.

  • Let people be equal.

  • That money will not be used.

  • That animals and humans could talk to each other.

  • That many books on animals and in general will be published.

  • That the desert wilderness be flowered.

  • But leave desert reservations for wildlife.

  • That there would be lots of yellow bananas, and that there would be large clusters, so that it would take two people to carry one cluster.

  • That there will be no war in the middle of the holiday, and that the Arabs will make peace with us, that they will throw away all evil deeds, and then it will be better.

  • I bless myself to be cute and not do bad things.

  • To myself - that I would be as sweet as honey, that everyone would love me, and all the people I did not know.

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