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A Prayer to Recite While Candle Lighting

From the Siddur

"May it be the will before you G-d, my Lord and the Lord of my fathers that you favor me and my husband (and my children and my father and mother) and all of my relatives, and grant us and all of Israel good and long lives and remember us with a good remembrance and blessing and remember us with a command of salvation and mercy and bless us great blessings and bring completion to our home and rest your divine presence among us and give us the merit to raise children and children's children to be clever and wise, such that love G-d and fear the Lord, people of truth, a holy seed, who cleave onto G-d, and bring light to the world with Torah and good deeds and with all types of service to the Creator. Please adhere to my supplication at this time in the merit of Sarah, and Rivka and Rachel and Leah our matriarchs, lighten our candle so that it may not extinguish forever and show us a bright countenance and we shall be salvaged, Amen."

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