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Dan Shalem

Introduction at the First Shabbat Reception

5731 1971

Shabbat Shalom to all members and all of you children!

"Come my beloved to greet the bride", this is how it was customary to receive the Shabbat throughout the generations while feelings of festivity and inspirations replace the grey and difficult weekdays, and it is known that this reception of Shabbat has a special significance in family life and in the Jewish nation.

We have gathered this evening to renew this tradition in our home. It can even be said that if this tradition had not been in existence, it ought to have been created for the kibbutz.

We work hard six days a week, each one of us in his corner: be it in the field, in the production plant, in education or in the kitchen. We are all preoccupied and weighed down with worries.

It is therefore beneficial that we gather, parents and children, on Fridays and on holiday evenings, and sit together around set tables and feel that a week of joint work, of arguments and sometimes of quarrels has passed, a week of everyday activities ending on Shabbat.

We will be therefore blessed with the renewal of this tradition of Kabbalat Shabbat and we hope that we are able to fill it with contents that would contribute to the sense of cooperation and unity in the kibbutz, our home.

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