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Tu B'Av
Your Forehead Adorned

Lyrics: Avraham Halfi

Music: Yoni Rechter

Adorned is your forehead with black gold (I can't remember if it was written in a song)

Your forehead rhymes with eyes and light (I can't remember if it was rhymed in a song)

But for whoever you'll be

His life is filled with song

Your pink robe is fluffy and soft

You always wrap yourself in it before night

I wouldn't want to be your brother

Nor a monk praying to the image of an angel

And see grim dreams of sanctity

And in front of him you, a woman.

You like to be sad and silent,

To listen to a story about something close something far.

And I, who will often be watching you silently,

no sound or words,

Forgetting everything about other people;

My soul resides within the walls of your home.

Captive between your walls, set apart from me,

As I in my body am apart from you;

Stretched out is my dream as a rug to your feet

Pace, beloved on its flowers your paces

Wear your pink robe before night.

In a short while I will come to you.

And your black gold adorned forehead

Will come close to my lips like a rhyme to a song;

Then I’ll whisper to your ear 'til morning, 'til dawn, like a drunk:

Adorned is your forehead with black gold.

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