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Yom Hazikaron
A beautiful son was born
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What Blessings Can I Give
A beautiful son was born

Lyrics: Ehud Manor

Music: Nurit Hirsch

A beautiful son was born

On the shoulder of the Carmel

And those blessing him came from near and far

Good rain was falling

Because the Lord had acceded

And the wheat germinated in the fields of the divide


Hot sun was shining

And a cold wind was blowing

The child is already learning to read in school

An almond tree blossomed

Sivan, Tammuz, and Av

And the infant became a man


One Sunday morning

Next to the station

She waited with him for the train to come

When she lay down in bed

Before she fell asleep

She would write blue lines to him


Birds depart

It is already cool in the evening

Beautiful on the eve of the Sabbath she waits at the gate

Autumn in the streets

Tomorrow she will be twenty

But why did the boy not reach the age of twenty?


A beautiful son was born......

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