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Tisha B'Av
At Night on the Grass
In the warm summer nights
The first days of summer
The Middle of Tammuz
The Seeds of Summer
At Night on the Grass

Lyrics: Esther Nitzav

Music: Yair Rosenblum

We will sit outside, it is so lovely, the night is so lovely

We will sing as friends, we will sing to the voice of the music of the strings

Simple songs, beautiful songs

About love and summer

Those songs of the heart, those songs of the heart

There are none like them


And do not ask about what my soul is now feeling

There is nothing that it loves more, loves more

Than just to lie

Just to lie in the night on the grass

To gaze at the stars

To gaze and sing


The dome of the Irish star is before me

I will sail to it on a sail of longing

My good lord

What have you put in it, in the summer

Which makes

Which makes us so crazy


In the quiet and improvised night choir

Singing in three, singing also in four voices

And the friendship

And the friendship as a dark wave passes

And softly strokes

Softly and lightly strokes

Heading 6
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