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Rosh Hashana
The twelve months

Lyrics & Melody: Naomi Shemer

In Tishrei the palm tree gave
a cute dark brown fruit.
in Cheshvan the first rain fell
and danced on my roof.


In Kislev a daffodil appeared
in Tevet - hail,
and in Shevat the sun broke through
for one day.


In Adar a fragrance rose
from the orchards.
In Nisan all the sickles
were strongly wielded.


In Iyar - everything grew,
in Sivan - ripening.
In Tamuz & Av we rejoiced
after the harvest.


Tishrei, Cheshvan, Kislev, Tevet,
passed, went by in a rush.
Also Shevat, Adar, Nisan, Iyar,
Sivan, Tamuz and Av.


And in the coming of Elul to us
the fragrance of autumn rose,
and we began our song
right from the start.

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