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Shabbat Descended

Lyrics: Y. Rabinov

Music: David Zehavi

Shabbat descended on the Valley of Ginosar

with an ancient scent at the edge of her garment.

And the surrounding mountains took positions as best men,

to carry her golden cloak,

Pigeons shall rise from Kineret the sea

accepting her flaming spirit.

Shabbat kissed the head of the cypress,

and kissed the moss in the rocks as well.

The thistle turned into a kingly scepter

on hills of exulting stillness.

A turtledove then sounds its sweet voice

refining the joy of yearning.

With her hidden charm the Shabbat stirred vibration.

Eyes of windows from every side.

And girls went out to the evening melody

Ringing chants with yearning.

And the valley of Ginosar was rejuvenated

with the exalted soul of Hebrews.

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