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Jolly Clowns
A Little Vaizasa Too
Fit for a king
I Am Purim
In Honor Of Purim
Joy and Honor
Lend a Hand
Nice Little Clown
Purim Songs for the [Kibbutz] Members
Purim Time
Queen Esther
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We Have A Festival (Yom Tov Lanu)
We Have Purim
When Adar Enters (...Mishe)
When Adar Enters
Jolly Clowns

Lyrics & Melody: Folk

Clowns, clowns,
Joyful and merry
Rash-rash with our noisemaker
Kash-kash with our noisemaker

My song is always jolly
and no one shall displease me.
Pur-Pur Purim tra-la-la,
Happy holiday, wonderful holiday.

Heading 6
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