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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Lyrics: Shmarke Katzarkinsky

Music: Alexander Tamir

Silence, silence, my son, be quiet!

Here graves are growing

Those who hate them planted here paths

All the paths will lead to Paneriai

On the path of no return

Father went and did not return

And with him the light.

Silence my son, my treasure

Do not cry with pain!

Because in any event we cried

The enemy will not understand

The sea also has borders and a beach

In jail also there is a fence and an end –

It is our humility that has no borders

It is without borders


It is the time of spring to come to your country

Here it is autumn

However a great light is scattered everywhere

And surrounding us it is night

The autumn will turn the tree tops yellow

The suffering will increase

The mother remains bereaved:

Her son is in Paneriai

Bound to Vilnius

And oppressed

Raging tearing the ice

Carried out to sea

To overthrow the darkness of our days

A great light will shine on us

Come horseman, arise

Your son is calling, your son is calling


Silence, silence into the storm, the springs of my heart

Until the walls fall

Dumbstruck with pain.

Please, my son, please do not laugh!

It is not the time for laughter now:

Sorrow has turned our spring

To a leaf in autumn

Please turn the wells:

Silence, my merciful son!

With freedom father will also return

Sleep, sleep, sleep

And alike the freed Vilnius

As a young tree wrapping itself around the tree top

It will still attain the light

When freedom comes

When freedom comes

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