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Jerusalem Day
Light and Jerusalem

Lyrics and music: Yosef Sarig

Silence falls again here from the evening skies

Sufficiently deserving above the abysses

And a ray of soil is touching the sword

The treetops, the towers and the walls.


I saw a city enveloped in light

And it rises with all the colours of the rainbow

And it is playing for me like a lyre

I saw a city enveloped in light


Here the shadow crawls between the hills of pine

Comes secretly close as a lover to the neighbourhoods

And opposite it blinking, ten thousand eyes of light

Suddenly they open and are deeply moved


I saw a city…..


In the silence of the last watch it breaths

And in the velvet skies the last spark goes pale

But the dawn is already reddening its dome of gold

The warm soft touch of the young light


I saw a city….

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