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Jerusalem Day
Jerusalem of the past

Lyrics: Dan Almagor

Music: Noam Sharif

This is Jerusalem of Rabbi Shalom “Thilimageizar”

And of Lamed-Wanik as well as the Righteous Rabbi Zondel

Of the carpenter in the Old City, Shmuel Lazer

Of “Purim Alegara” and sending “Purimmadics”


This is Jerusalem, this is Jerusalem….


This is Jerusalem of the well known Rabbi Shaya

Who met robbers on his way and he was alone

From his pocket he took out a handful of raisins

And made the blessing “Bless the fruit of the vine”….and they fled immediately!


This is Jerusalem, this is Jerusalem,


In the courtyards of my own city they used to live together

Jews and Arabs quietly and with respect

The alleyways – perhaps are those same alleyways

But that city of mine – is no more….


This is Jerusalem, this is Jerusalem….

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