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Lag Ba'omer
Finjan (coffee pot)

Lyrics: Haim Hefer

Melody: Music Vilesnky

The wind is blowing coolly

We will add another twig to the bonfire

And thus in arms of scarlet

The fire will rise like a sacrifice

The fire is flickering, the song is flourishing

The finjan is turning, turning.....


The finjan remembers how

“the guys” came from battle

How Motke and Gingi grumbled

“One of us won’t come back here again”....

With never ending tears, it turns sadly

The finjan is turning, turning


Years will pass and generations

Borders and bridges and bonfires

A stranger will never understand

What is the point of the song that is playing

A paratrooper and a reserve soldier, will always remember

The everlasting “reveal” of the finjan

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