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Lag Ba'omer
Bar Kochba

Lyrics: Levin Kipnis

Melody: Mordechai Zeira

A man lived in Israel

Bar Kochba was his name,

A young and tall man

With shining eyes

He was a hero

He called for freedom

Everyone loved him

He was a hero, a hero!


One day something happened

Ah, a sad incident

Bar Kochba was captured

And put into a cage

There was a huge lion there

Inside the cage roaring

Bar Kochba, don’t be afraid

Bar Kochba, Be strong! Be Strong!


And indeed – he was not afraid

No-one was as daring as he!

He quickly jumped on the lion

And as light as an eagle he flew

On the mountain and valley he flew

Holding a flag of freedom in his hand

Everyone applauded him

Bar Kochba, Hurray! Hurray!

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