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Holocaust Remembrance Day
Ash and Dust

Lyrics: Yaakov Gilad

Music: Yehuda Poliker

A spring day, scent of lilacs

Between the ruins of your town

A beautiful day to fish in the river

Inside me my heart is broken

There you were and are gone

Your childhood little woman

People who no-one knows

There isn’t even a house to remind you


And if you are travelling to wherever you are travelling

Eternity is only ash and dust

Where are you travelling, where are you travelling

Years and nothing has been deleted


Take a coat you will be cold

Money in your pocket, a lump of sugar

If the days are hard

Think of me sometimes

And if it is another despairing journey

To the hut, to the plot of land

Or the old town railway track

No-one will wait at the station


And if you are travelling


Who will make your nights sweet

Who will listen to your crying

Who will look after your steps on your way

Take a coat you will be cold

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