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Rosh Hashana
Apple in honey

Lyrics & Melody: Naomi Shemer

Apple in honey,

Apple in honey,

Each day it is sweet,

Each day it is new.

I am the apple,

Earnest and puffed,

Red and shiny

Like a polished nail.

And I am the honey, or in short- the jar,

Golden and soft, prepared to be spread,

Everyone wants me to always be sugary

Even when I feel like being a little sticky.

Apple in honey

Apple in honey

A rejoicing experience,

To the heart that is happy.

Green or red am I, but always the apple

Round and firm, and tasty for sure,

Stronger than all in the matters of love

Ask the snake, ask Eve.

I'm the honey, with a knife and a spoon,

On fresh bread, upholstery, or a napkin,

On the verge of clarity, with a gleam in the eyes,

And a long-time friend of the holes in the teeth.

Apple in honey

Apple in honey

The perfect pair

Like a flower in a collar.

I am the apple, the beloved fruit,

Cut into four or peeled round and round.


And I am the honey, blushing or pale,

Child of the flowers and queen of the hive.


Apple in honey

Apple in honey


The perfect pair,

And they meet only in the holiday.

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