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Jerusalem Day
Ammunition Hill

Lyrics: Yoram Taharlev

Music: Yair Rosenblum

By two, two and thirty

We entered via the rocky ground

To the field of fire and mines

Of Ammunition Hill


Against the fortified bunkers

And the canons one hundred and twenty

One hundred and some boys

On Ammunition Hill


The column of dawn has still not risen

Half of the company is lying in blood

But we have already been there

At Ammunition Hill


Between the fences and the mines

We left only the medics behind

And we ran with lost senses

To Ammunition Hill


At seven, twenty past seven

The sun rose in the east

We returned to the city seven

From Ammunition Hill


We descended into the trenches

To the niches and the tracks

And to the death in the burrows

On Ammunition Hill


And no-one nowhere asks

Who went first and fell

You needed a lot of luck

On Ammunition Hill


Anyone who fell was pulled back

So he did not stop us passing

Until the next one fell

On Ammunition Hill


Perhaps we were lions

But whoever still wanted to live

He could not be present

On Ammunition Hill


We returned to the city seven

Smoke rising from the hill

The sun rose in the east

On Ammunition Hill


About the fortified bunkers

And about our brothers

Who remained there aged twenty

On Ammunition Hill

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