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Independence Day
A Toast to the Palyam

Lyrics: Zrubavela Shonkin

Music: Yair Miller

Back when there were dreams

those dreamt - on the dunes of Caesarea

When the boats were called by names

Including Ruth and Dalia

When "Yehuda the savage" Nissan, Dan

 Ze'evka, Nimrod and Moka

Had dragged ashore the boats from far

And were greeted with - Aloha!


They're many things you could relate

And tell a lot of stories

About how a modest sea platoon

That braved the waters safely

And how the amazing sea platoon

Became Israel's navy


How Ike sailed in with Exodus

And never did imagine

That he would soon - a hero be

And - talked about with passion

How a handful of stubborn pals

Had broken through barbed wires

Carrying immigrants on their backs

While almost drowned in water.


They're many things you could relate...


And there are other names of pals

Many –had the vision

To the light of stars above

had dreamt of this division

That the ships shall one day come

And wave the flag so proudly

And men shall no more wade the sea

The ships shall be the navy


They're many things you could relate...

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