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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Penina Mann

To be born to Holocaust Survivors

If you don’t eat – you will never grow

To be born to parents who were in the Holocaust – means:

To eat in order to grow,

In order to be strong.


To be born to parents who were in the Hoilocaust means:

To be born with a connection to death

To a world without grandfathers and grandmothers

To be called by a different name than that of Uri, Michal or Tamar

To be bound to the hand offering food, to searching and worrying eyes

To grow and study

That your name is in memory of grandpa or grandma

That your family is composed of a mother, father, brother and sister

And almost without uncles, aunts, cousins....


To grow older and understand – that the continuum of life of your parents was cut short

Starts like any human being:

Birth, Holocaust, a break, silence, and onwards....

That your family tree has been severed

And in fact evil sits at your threshold

And you have to learn to progress:

You become an adult and know –

That the terror led to fear and worry

To see the half empty glass

That you are the proof that you won because we could –

And in this is your strength


And never ever have any questions

For which you will receive no answers

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