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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Smadar Flack-Peretz

There – in Treblinka

And the King Sleeps, Saar Publishing, 1992

There – in Treblinka

Thousands of souls float above the ploughed field

There – in Treblinka

The green grass covers the outstretched hands

From there – in Treblinka

They called to me

And the voice of their cries reached the earth of the Land of Israel

And pulled me alike iron cables

To there, to: Treblinka, Maidanak, Auschwitz


To walk on the earth

To feel the lives buried under the ground

To touch their footsteps

To caress them with a gaze

And although there – in Treblinka

The field is ploughed and green

Although the discrimination of death prevails there

I felt them, felt my brother

And the thousands and souls that cried out to me

From the young earth

And when I touched there – in Treblinka

The tortured land, the raging land

Suddenly I knew how to appreciate my land

The land of Israel

Yes, there – in Treblinka

I learnt to love my own homeland

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