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Literature and Poetry/

Arnon Lapid

The Shavuot Holiday

On the Bikkurim (first fruits) holiday, on our kibbutz
The grounds are clean and beautifully decorated
A stage is built on the lawn outside
for the dancers to dance on
The announcer calls out loudly and excitedly
for each branch to bring its first fruits to the stage
Each tractor is washed, looking just like new
and mother says: “Please take a sample!”

In my basket I have three tomatoes
and an abnormally huge beet.
All the children have wreaths on their head
except for me, its prickly and I don't want one.

What do I like best about the Bikkurim holiday?
The visits [play on words, Bikkurim also means visits]:
Aunt Sarah from Netanya
And the Katz family from Degania
And mother’s friends from Beersheba
My sister and her husband from Geva come
As well as many more aunts and uncles
that I don’t even know by name
Because everybody knows:
The festival of Bikkurim is the festival of visits.

And every visitor remembers each year
to bring me Bikkurim; in other words, a present.
Sarah always brings me a game
And the Katz family usually bring me sweets
And mom’s friends bring me toys
And my sister and her husband - just something small.

This is why I love the Bikkurim festival
even more than I love Purim.
And when mom says the holiday is over:
“Thank G-d it’s over”
And dad says he wants to sleep for a week
I for the life of me can’t understand why.

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