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Literature and Poetry/
Yom Hazikaron

Lipa Aharoni

The Path of Bereavement 

Kibbutz Saad

Who knows the path of bereavement,

It suddenly lands, breaks through the walls of the house

Enters through the door,

Does not differentiate

Between mother and father, between brother and sister, between daughter and son

Leaves them in pain, suffering, alone

It has no inhibitions, it has no mercy

It breaks, it strikes, it whips

Who knows the path of bereavement,

It paints the gate white

Extinguishes the light in the eyes

Leaves wrinkles on the skin

Spreads sadness and grief, is nerve-racking

It pierces the unknown

It gnaws, injures, hurts

Who knows the path of bereavement,

It breaks out in a tempest, closes down all joy

Has many questions, why, how

Doesn’t allow rest at night and day

Even if it disappears, and is no longer visible

It is there in the chambers of the heart

And never comes out


Who knows the path of bereavement.

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