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Tu BiShvat

Yehudah Elharizi

The Month of Shevat

Spain, 13th Century

A pillar of strength to every man and view

It is a shelter for sorrows

And from surrounding troops – a shelter.


 Loveliness on his right

And all goodness shall rejuvenate in his time

And shall bring light to his darkness and to the pupil of his eye

and his eye shall open


And then the streams upon the land shall spread out...,

And the rivers shall flow on a floor of porphyry

And the plants from under the earth, shall spurt out

And the slumberers of joy shall awaken


And the land shall give forth its plants

and those that grow in moonlight

And its buds and flowers,

And the sun shall spread out its wings.

to awaken its dark corners,

And it shall disperse its sparks

to revive its wounded.


And the light shall grow

And the cold shall wane


And the sun shall come close

And the light shall be pleasant

And the garden beds shall reveal their faces

and their eyes shall open.

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