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Spring Poems


Have I forgotten to latch the shutters?
Have I failed to lock my door thoroughly?
He set clock and arrived exactly on time
and aroused and excited and delighted.


What have I – so reticent – to do with you,
who is crimson, flushed and excited?
How shall I know how to conceal from you
that which I have gathered throughout Fall? 


Shall I get angry? Shall I lash out at you with fury?
Shall I move away from my home? Or perhaps...
shall I succumb just this once,
Just this once... and no more!



And lo it appears once again –
Purified, coaxing, appeasing
And igniting a blaze in my heart
As on the holiday of wonder.


My covenant is with the stones of the field,
My friends are in the secret realms of the sea,
And I am acquainted with the speech of trees,
as Solomon the wisest of man.


To the sounds of the night that speak my dialect,
To the gaiety of the sun by daytime – 
Shall I embarrass the hand
stretched out to me with a greeting? 


As it has always been: With a sudden appearance
and speaking, speaking to one's heart,
Without talking – 
Only hinting, only movement.


To a rejected fence, grey all around,
Entirely submissive to fate,
Cheerful beggars – groundsel and sinapis 
push in with all the rest. 


Blossoms of the garden and I.
Birds of the heavens and I.
To whom has brought me to the holiday of Spring – May be blessed!

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