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Literature and Poetry/
Rosh Hashana

Amnon L.

Shanah Tova

Kibbutz Hulata

To the audience, members of the household and guests,

To those who sit here on the grass and to those who are on the roads

To the well-groomed

And to those deprived

To those who carry the wagon

To those traveling on it

To those who are 100% okay

And to those who ... will be healthy

To those with their legs on the ground

And for those who take off

To those guarding the borders

The guards have a section

Those who climbed high

Looking for the way back

To those who bother without end

To those who finally bother

To those who took office

To those who are resting for a minute.

To the bulls

And to those who fight

To those who almost gave up

And to those who are still hoping

To those who love to dream

And to those who dream of love

To everyone to all of us - a Happy New Year!

That in the year 5761 a wise year will come.

Which, like it begins in time, will also end after a year

A year of prosperity and success, creation and peace

The year when our exiled return hither

A year of hearts coming together, comradeship and brotherhood

A year of … a year of….. in short: Shana Tova (a good year).

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