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May 1st

Aharon Shabtai

No Sappho, Love's Condition is Class Warfare

The most beautiful thing, said Sappho, is the one who we love

No, Sappho, I say, the one we love will not be beautiful

For as long as the contractor or the corporation or the manpower company suck his blood –

For fifteen shekels an hour there is no future to beauty

Let me get the shit you have been fed out of your head

Anactoria will not be beautiful if she is forced to work in an escort company

Athis will not weave wreaths if the factory will be liquidated and moved to Cairo

Therefore the most beautiful thing, the condition for beauty, is the war of the classes

You were right, neither horsemen nor an armed army, nor ships,

However when they overcome the comradeship of the workers, the togetherness, the equality

Then the heaven and earth shall kiss the eyes of my love

Therefore, even amongst the authors, not in university, not at a concert

You will only find beauty today in the professional unions

The garbage workers, the garbage trucks, Sappho, they are the most beautiful

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