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Literature and Poetry/
Yom Hazikaron

Dotan Brom


The song was written in memory of Nimrod Cohen, a son of Mizpe Shalem, a member of the Sabras group of the Machanot Olim Youth Movement, who fell on the first day of the Second Lebanese War.


The moon of the 15th has ascended and risen

Over a Galilean and dewy evening

Rinsing with its light the outposts of the Hezbollah

From the other side of the border


Summery and round it marks the pathways

Sheaves whispering to the road

To which from an overgrowth of oak trees and leaves

The hammer galloped crazily


The moon descended in the western heavens

However even it did not hear

How in silence alike an autumn morning

The firmament of the clouds of war darkened


Dawn caressed the north country

Red, majestic and glowing

The hammer bundled in the oak tree overgrowth

Opened its lamps to the fence


Galloping, as usual, to the path of the weapons

However squealed its brakes with terror

Because here, there from above, the horizon whistled

An anthem of mortar bombs


Galilee country and bombs in its sky

Closed its eyes, tearfully

And trembling, with grace, collected its dead

Our dear one – Nimrod


North country, is this the price?

Look, not a lot is left!

How did you decide to keep in your bosom

Specifically the son of the desert?


But know that even if his death is yours

His life is ours forever

Every detail and every note from his smiling head

Will be remembered and nothing will be omitted


Because we will remember the man, quiet as the sea

Who concealed his pearls in the deep

Gathered to his shore abandoned

In Tammuz – now is the time to cry

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