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Rosh Hashana

Man, why do you sleep? From Sephardic version of the “Selichot” for the Days of Awe

Man, why do you sleep?

Man, why do you sleep?

Rise up and voice your plea!

Pour out your words, seek forgiveness

from the Master of All.

Wash yourself clean, do not be late

For many days to go by.

Quickly, seek help

From the One who dwells beyond, within.

From all wrongdoings and evil

Flee and fear disasters.

God, please hear

 the prayers of Israel

Who faithfully call

on Your Name.

To you Lord is charity

And we are truly humbled.

Rise up like a man, be strong and take courage

So you may confess your sins!

Seek God with reverence

and find atonement.

In this realm of the spirit

Wonders never cease.

Every word that is said

Will be received.

The Compassionate one

Will have compassion on us

As parents do toward their children.

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