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Literature and Poetry/
Tu B'Av

Raquel Chalfi

Love of the Dragon

How does a dragon love?

Does he breathe larger bursts of fire?

Fly higher in the sky?

Whack with his tail at spasmodic frequency ?

Or does he wag his tamed tail

Like a smitten little  dog?

What goes on in a dragon’s mind when he loves?

“I’m a delicate bird”?

Or, rather: “I’m going to be an ideal husband”?

How does a dragoness love?

Is she all of a sudden ready

To be stripped


Of her scaly armor and the knight?

Of the spears of fire that sear the air?

Of her deeply penetrating teeth?

Does she feel like: “I am a clear little wave of water

Lapping against the rocks”?

Could it be that all she wants is to become a deer,

Warm and innocent, for him to prey on?

How does a dragon love? Perhaps he thinks:

I am a dragon and I just love, and maybe even:

I am a dragon,

Therefore I love.

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