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Literature and Poetry/

C.N. Bialik

In the City of Slaughter

To the Volunteers Amongst the People

Come, now, and I will bring thee to their lairs 
The privies, jakes and pigpens where the heirs 
And you saw with your eyes where they were hiding
Your brothers, the sons of your people, and the sons of your sons the Maccabees,
The scions of the lions who are in “My father of mercy” and the seeds of the “saints”
Twenty souls, on man and thirty thirty 
Who, crammed by scores in all the sanctuaries of their shame, 
So sanctified My name! 
It was the flight of mice and flees they fled, 
They died like dogs where they stood
And on the next morning - the saved son came out found 
And found there the body of his father filthy and repulsive. 
Now wherefore do you weep, son of man, and why do you
hide your face with your hand - clench your teeth and suffice.


Bialik in “The City of Slaughter” criticizes the acts of “the sons of the sons of the Maccabees and in “To the Volunters Amongst the People” he compares between the generation of the Maccabees and our generation, and calls to take an example from the Maccabees.
“Place your people, build a generation! Reveal the light”!

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