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Literature and Poetry/
Rosh Hashana

Children talk about the creation of the world

God created the world

He made the sky.


But God can do anything.

God made the stars between the sun and the moon.


Once, God created the world, and there was no

Water in it. Then one man came from below and climbed a ladder

Up and said to God: “Make skies” and he told

Him to make more things – tractors and trees

And lots and lots of things. And he made the fields too,

And the trees.

Once there was a man and he did not have a woman.

Then God made him a very beautiful woman whose name was

Eve. And one time when they were sleeping under a tree

A snake came and awakened Eve, and it said to her: “Come

Let’s eat red apples!” then Eve said

“No, no! god told us not to eat

From this tree” and she bit half of the apple, woke

Adam up and gave him the apple to eat, then came

God and said: “I told you not to touch this tree!”

So, he punished them. “and there you will saw

Wheat and bread for you!” and then they found

The house. And Eve gave birth to boys, and they grew up

And went to the first grade.


I wish there will always be sun,

Always be sky,

Always be mother

And always be me.

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